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Become an Expert Marketer

Client Broadcast is a cloud based communications platform designed to save your business time and money while increasing sales!

With our powerful voice and text broadcast and email service, you can personalize a direct message and send it to any person or group of mass people any time of the day, any day of the week!

Create and Launch a Campaign

Creating a new campaign is easy as 1, 2, 3!  Create a personalized message, add a contact or group from your contact list and set the frequency to any day and time you desire.

1.  Create a Personalized Message

Create a dynamic personalized audio, text or email message and store it within your dashboard account. Create and store audio files, text to speech files, standard text messages or captivating picture text files with url links, beautiful email and social templates all within your account dashboard!

2.  Add a Contact or a Group to a Campaign

Upload all your contacts into your dashboard under "Contacts" tab.  Simply select a contact to add to a campaign.  Match a personalized audio file, text file or email file or all three to the campaign, select the frequency and launch it!

3.  Select the Frequency, Date & Time

You can customize the frequency of the personalized messages and schedule it for delivery anytime during the day or week to meet your specific needs with our frequency scheduling software.

Launch a Campaign

Woohoo! Now you are ready to launch a campaign!  Simply click Launch Campaign button within your dashboard and you can rest assured that your contact will receive your message at the exact time and day you selected!

Client Broadcast's On Demand platform is different and unique because it combines elements of modern day technology (phone call and text message.) with innovative call scheduling software.  Build your brand and surround your customers with personalized messages!


Rest assured that you are staying front of mind with all the people who matter the most, your Clients!


Customer Management made simple! Become an expert marketer today!

Our Mission

Our mission is to help change the world for the better by bringing it closer one personalized message at a time. Client Broadcast is an intelligent customer management software that sends personalized messages to customers at a specific date and time.  Simply choose a contact, select an audio and/or text file, email file and set the frequency.  Get Started today with the most powerful Voice and Text Broadcasting Software avaliable! 

Become an Expert Marketer!



Meet The Founders

Learn about the young talented entrepreneurs who created Client Broadcast powerful on demand software and learning platform

Joseph Tutrow /

As owner and founder of Client Broadcast, Joe has been an Avid Entrepreneur his whole life. Joseph received his bachelor's degree from Northern Arizona University in Business and studied abroad at the University of Newcastle, in Australia for International Business.

Joseph's first business endeavor was developing a highly successful wholesale distribution business called Strickly Boarding and has been in business for over 20 years today. Joseph also has experience as a licensed California Real Estate Broker selling multi-family investment properties with his brokerage MultiFamilyApts. Joseph's other business experience includes Poway Brewing Company and Famous Text.

Joseph's newest venture Client Broadcast is the next big undertaking and he looks to change the world and bring it closer together with his newest proven technique to powerful phone marketing.

Kerry Vinci /

As a co-founder of Client Broadcast, Kerry brings a wealth of business knowledge and experience to the team. Kerry is the CEO of Koloa Pacific Construction located in San Diego, CA and has served San Diego County for over 20 years.

His company's tremendous success is built on repeat business, satisfied client referrals, competitive pricing, highly skilled employees, and industry leading technology and superior customer service. He is also an avid surfer and mountain bike enthusiast and enjoys a healthy outdoor lifestyle.

Kerry shares Client Broadcast's vision and quest in making phone marketing the most effective tool in the arsenal, while striving to bring the world closer one personalized campaign at a time.

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