SB # 2017188

"We use Client Broadcast to manages all our customers in one simple place. We send and schedule personalized coupons and notifications with one click of a button. It's great we also market to our customers memberships, birthdays and company special events."

"We use Client Broadcast to notify our event staff, employees and vendors of our weekly market. We also have scaled this product and we now provide our construction staff with important notifications and reminders."

"We use Client Broadcast to manage all our communications to employees and staffing. We use text to notify employees of their work schedules and important reminders. We have also scaled this product and use it for training, safety updates and timely notifications."

"We use Client Broadcast mainly for our recruiting department to to send direct messages. We look to scale this product and provide our real estate agents with a tool to send important market updates, reminders and notifications to clients. This product has made our business more efficient."

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