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Create and Upload Audio/Text Files

Create a dynamic personalized audio/text message in your own voice.  Use a phone, comptuer, ipad or recording device to save your audio file in a MP3 or WAV format.  Next, simply upload your audio message into your dashboard and it will be saved to your list of audio files.  We also offer Text to Speech, which translates your text file into an automated voice broadcast.

Add Audio/Text file to a Campaign

Client Broadcast makes it easy to add a audio and/or text message to a campaign.  Simply create a new campaign and choose add audio/text file.  You can then select a specific audio/text file from the list of saved audio files.

Launch a Campaign

Next, all you need to do is select a contact or group from your contact list and choose the frequency, when you would like the message to be sent.  Now you are ready to launch a campaign and can be confident that your message will be received on the day and time you have selected.

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