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Our software allows you to schedule phone calls to your customer base making it simple to manage your list of contacts and you can rest assured that you are staying front of mind with all the people who matter the most, your Customer's!  Launch a campaign and at the specific date and time you selected the customer's phone will ring and on the other end of the phone is your personalized voice message, which begins to engage the user in an active personalized conversation. This approach is unique and is proven for the following reasons:

  1. (Conversation Engagement) The end user isn't just listening to a conversation but is actively engaged in a conversation about topics relevant to their own needs.
  2. (Streamlined) Typical CMS software uses emails that get lost or simply never get opened. Our solution goes directly to the source with a personalized phone message and text message.
  3. (Voicemail Recognition) Our innovative software has voicemail recognition built into it so if your customer is not available it will leave a voice mail with your personalized message so the customer would hear it just as if you were actually leaving the message.
  4. (Statistically Proven) The statistics prove that this technique of marketing is much more successful than traditional methods!  Join today and become an expert marketer!  
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  • 2017-09-16
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