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Discover Voice Broadcasting: Meet Marty

Client Boardcast

Voice and text broadcasting made simple!

Meet Marty, the first thing people notice is that he’s always smiling.

And why shouldn’t he?

He’s runs a successful business.

Has a beautiful family.

And still has plenty of time to play golf.

So what’s Marty’s secret?

It’s called marketing automation.

It’s a proven approach used by expert marketers to save time.

Save money.

And increase sales.

At first Marty was using automation to send emails.

 But these were too easily ignored.

Marty needed a way to create personalized messages using his own voice about the things that matter most to his customers.

Then send them in a way that guarantees they’re actually received.

Marty was so excited to discover Client Broadcast!

A powerful platform allowing Marty to stay in front of mind with his customers by sending personalized messages directly over the phone.

While other marketers spend hours cold calling prospects for limited results.

Marty simply adds contacts

Chooses a personalized audio or text file

Selects a frequency Any time of the day, any day of the week.

And launches his campaign.

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3.

It’s the perfect way to announce sales, coupons, reminders, notifications and much more.

Client Broadcast’s voice and text broadcasting software gives Marty total control.

Become an expert marketer and grow your business!

It’s the smarter, easier and more affordable way to market.

Launch your success today!

Client Broadcast


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  • 2017-06-26
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